Articles on the history of Qurna:

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Qurna - more pieces of an unfinished history

In 2010 I wrote this article for a book Thebes and Beyond in honour of Dr Kent Weeks produced by the Antiquities Service.

A few fragments of Qurna history from Tarif

In April 2014 I made a start on oral history collection of people who lived in the saff tombs in Tarif. This is included in a festschrift for Zoltán Fábián that was presented to him in December 2017.

More treasure hunting in Qurna - the 'Amr Mosque

In 2017 I gave a paper at the conference of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East, ASTENE. This looks at all the shreds of information we have about what was once an important building for the local community. The text is given here, and if you wish to have a copy of the Power Point presentation that went with it you will have to contact me, Caroline Simpson.

Comparative evolution of vernacular mudbrick houses in the Nile Delta and Qurna (Luxor)

In 2017 Maria Correas Amador, from Madrid, and I gave a paper at an earthen buildings conference in Valencia. The printed article could only have a very few photos, but we both gave spoken presentations which were richly illustrated - mine with many photos of Qurnawi houses and other buildings.

Collecting, documenting and displaying the history of Qurna and the Qurnawi

In May 2018 I was invited to give a talk at a symposium on 'Community Archives in the Middle East' which was held in Qatar. When I visited Qurna in December 2018 I gave the talk at the Memnon Hotel to many Qurnawi who have worked with me over 25 years so that they would know what I had told the Qatar audience about them. you can listen here Panel 4: Part 1

Theban Blindness - a case history of severe archaeological hypermetropia

A paper given at the conference: Disciplinary Measures? Histories of Egyptology in Multi-Disciplinary Context. London, June 2010.

Earth Structures of Qurna exhibition panels

The West Bank Since 'Antiquity'

A talk given to the Egypt Exploration Society Conference, June 2008.

Qurna .. a history which shall not die

23rd June 2007 - Dr Zahi Hawass

Fendia, Grandmother of Horubat

March 2005 - Caroline Simpson

The Four Properties Projects

9th February 2007 - Caroline Simpson

Searching for the history of Qurna on Thebes.

talk given at the American Research Centre in Egypt, Cairo, November 2000 (illustrations not included)
Caroline Simpson

Modern Qurna - pieces of an historical jigsaw (illustrations not included)

Paper given at Theban Necropolis conference, London, July 2000
Caroline Simpson

Qurna - who saw it where, when and why?

(illustrations not included)
lecture given at ASTENE conference Edinburgh, 2001
Caroline Simpson

The reputation of the Qurnawi

A discussion from the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum , June 2004

UNESCO statement on the Theban Necropolis World Heritage Site, 2001

Mud things in Qurna

An article about menamas, 2001
Caroline Simpson

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